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Tissue Lined Envelopes

Life is simply brighter with coloured tissue lined envelopes!
A lining matching with the content gently tunes your message.

We offer a range of envelopes with lining in 21 colours.

Available sizes, all with pointed flap and gummed:
90 x 140 mm
95 x 145 mm
DIN C6 - 114 x 162 mm
DIN lang - 110 x 225 mm
app. B6 - 120 x 180 mm
app. DIN C5 - 162 x  215 mm
165 x 165 mm

Our smooth bright white or creme coloured envelopes can be purchased with linings in the following colours:

Colourapp. Pantone  Colourapp. Pantone


White  Black
Grey406  Light Orange123
Turquoise3242  Dark Orange165
Light Blue
642  Red32
Royal Blue
2718/2727  Yellow108
Marine282  Champagne 7499
  Light Green381
Dark Brown
477  Dark Green
Bordeaux7421  Silver877
Pink 706  Gold875

Time for delivery is approximately one week.
500 pieces are the minimum quantity to order.