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Duplex-, Triplex-, Multi-Layer

Our customers frequently enquire for two-sided materials featuring different colours and/or surfaces, which we realise by applying the appropriate laminating processes.

For example, you could take aback your customers with business cards made of a three-layer compound structure featuring a contrasting colour in the middle. Or have your substantial messages printed and send on heavy weight cardboard; there are endless possibilities and combinations – why not design your own, personal and unique compound by laminating board and foil embossed nubuck leather ...


Image 1: Four layers of Colorplan with 700 gsm build up to an impressive thickness of 4 mm. The edges were coloured, the text embossed with transparent foil. Art work by Melville Brand Design for Häberlein & Mauerer AG.

Image 2: This card is made of Les Naturals. It is a 2 mm laminate, even different colours for the front and back are possible. Design by Valerie Kiock.

Image 3: This fairly unusual wedding invitation was designed by Johannes von Hellberg, Dear Robinson. Several layers of board were punched out before laminating.