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Les Naturals 100% Recycled Cardboard

Les Naturals - 100% Recycled Cardboard

Its rough surface and the 'Blue Angel' environmental seal of approval make this a convincingly natural and
original cardboard. This 'good conscience' paperboard is produced using pine resin as binding agent,
tinted free of heavy metals.

Two weights are available:
appr. 325 gsm and thickness 0,5 mm
appr. 630 gsm and thickness 1,0 mm

Standard size is 70x100 cm LG.

We will be happy to clarify special productions on request.

We supply the following colours:

Naturals Albatre     Naturals Gris     Naturals Anthracite
Albâtre - Weiß - White          Gris - Grau - Grey                   Anthracite - Schwarz - Black


Naturals Sable     Naturals Gres     Naturals Chocolat
Sable - Sand - Sand              Grès - Ton - Red Clay           Chocolat - Azobebraun - Chocolate


Naturals Topaze     Naturals Orange     Naturals Tourmaline
Topaze - Curry                      Orange                                   Tourmaline - Granatrot - Red


Naturals Rubis     Naturals Amethyste
Rubis - Pink                           Amethyste - Violett - Violet


Naturals Saphir     Naturals Bleu Nuit
Saphir - Saphire - Sapphire   Bleu Nuit - Marineblau - Navy Blue


Naturals Olivine     Naturals Emeraude    
Olivine - Lindgrün - Kiwi         Émeraude - Smaragdgrün    

Please be aware:
Due to the composition of the material, variations in colour and number of inclusions are possible.

The colours Red Clay, Pink and Violet are the most light-sensitive.
White, Sand and Black are the most colour-stable, all others change over time, yet not as quickly as the first mentioned.

Surface structure is subject to variations as well.
Rectangular cut is recommended.