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Theatre Snow and Confetti

Theatre Snow and Confetti: certified flame-resistant (DIN 4102 B1) and environmentally friendly

Our theatre snow falls and whirls with airily ease, flickering flakes dance up and down, enchanting every performance.

Theatre snow is made of wonderful light white tissue paper in size 16 x 16 mm. Custom sizes and colours are manufactured on request i.e. to playfully create blossom swirls or ash rain.

Watch the snow in action on YouTube (from minute 1.28) to get an impression!
A very imaginative way of scattering theatre snow with umbrellas is to see in a recording of the dance project
'And so What'
(from minute 28.10).
Very nice to see as well in Puccinis La Bohème, Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe (from minute 3.04).

Customer testimonials:
"During our ballet production 'The Nutcracker' we needed it to snow for seven long minutes. Thus the consumption rate of the theatre snow was enormous, but so was the effect. The slowly falling snippets of paper where sparkling in the light and gave the impression of real snow, fascinating spectators and grasping the audience.

However, for the opera GIOVANNA D’ARCO we needed a blossom rain of scarlet poppy flowers, definitely something you cannot find ready-made. So we supplied colour sample and size and received a customised shipment of B1-quality poppy blossoms. The resulting blossom rain in front of the painted poppy field background was marvellous!"

Herbert Buckmiller, stage designer and head of production at state theatre Am Gärtnerplatz, Munich

Photo courtesy of Lioba Schöneck, stage play photography
 state theatre Am Gärtnerplatz, Munich

Stage plays: Körpersprachen III, The Nutcracker