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I am absolutely delighted about this synthetic seals because they offer such a wide range of possibilities.



This seals are flexible, they will not break.

As well, they are self--adhesive. Adhesion can be ideally adjusted to different surfaces like glas, board, paper, wood, leather, even dashboards.
Seals offer an alternative where relief varnishing is no choice because the lacquer will not build up the height wanted.
Our synthetic seals were the only way to produce the effect on the book 'Homey' of artist Thomas Grünfeld (picture 1).


The colour is your choice. Just give us a Pantone or RAL reference. Even Pantone Metallics like gold or matt silver are printable.
Mulicoloured variations are possible (picture 3 + 4).
Matt or shiny or a combination of both are options as well.
Gold or silver foil elements can be integrated (picture 4 + 5).
We have this different foil styles: shiny gold, shiny silver, translucent or white.
Our seals will be delivered either on rolls or on sheets. If precise fitting is necessary, we deliver on transfer sheets.


Do not only think in traditional seal styles. Fanciful shapes can be realized like the masque of picture 2 or the dropping honey. The outline will be individually punched. Three-dimensional it is anyway. You only need to determine what shall be flat or convex.

Pointed shapes are not possible. Corner radii must have a minimum of 0,5 mm.

Another option are banderoles with integrated seals.


One-time investment is the device, which makes it profitable to order a minimum of 500 to 1000 pieces.


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