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Neugabigrau - is a board, sturdy, sensual and warm to the touch

This board is unexpectingly sensual to touch, especially the slightly rougher one of the two sides.
A melange appearance and a few mottles add variety.
The unique colour is similar to Pantone Black 7U.

Because of its durability Neugabigrau is particularly suitable for ring binders, covers, folders and boxes.
It is a good choice for unconventional cards as well.

Blind embossings on the rougher side of this board are really impressing. The pressure of the die smoothens the material and makes a subtle sheen, an interesting contrast is the result.

Besides blind embossing, foil embossing and silk screen printing are possible as well.

Neugabigrau is available with app. 1 mm and 1,5 mm in size 72/103 cm or 88 x 103 cm, both long grain.

For those who wonder about the name, Gabi changed her hair colour and therefore gave the inspiration.
I could not do otherwise but keep it. It simply fits perfectly.

For further information do not hesitate to get in touch!