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Our Services

Materials Research - We deliver the results which Google doesn't offer.

We draw on abundant resources. We know the wholesale assortments inside out, yet many more - on top of that we offer all the treats that make designers' hearts leap for joy!

We enable you to draw on several thousands of all sorts of material such as paper, cardboard, wood, acrylic, synthetics, textile, leather metal, composite, artistic paper and many more – Indulge in the opulence of possibilities!

Materials and Production Consulting - Who already knows everything only gets what he expected.

We operate free of manufacturer constraints and can access all the market holds ready to match your vision with the best solution. Out of the abundance the market provides, we distil recommendations how to meet your idea of look and feel, appearance, colour and sound. Your wish is our benchmark.

Creative Concepts/Design Enablement

Together with our clients we explore the extensive scope to find the perfect balance between intuition and structure. We are able to rethink projects from the sketch.

Production Agency - From idea to material to product.

Tunnel vision is nothing but stunted perception due to routine processes. We always want to explore the concept behind your idea and stick to the red line. During the realisation process we pay attention to the unexpected und mind any unplanned events. We take pleasure in moving things forward and love to catch hold of the final product – whilst enabling you to concentrate on the important.

Material and Production Development

For your benefit, we rethink your task from the sketch considering all crucial aspects of your project. We deliver solutions to meet the technical requirements and aesthetic challenges.

Dummy Production

There are manifold reasons to produce a dummy: To score while pitching for a project, as basis for decision making in the market entry process, to compare wish to feasibility or simply to explore your idea with all your senses. We are able to produce a dummy according to your concept, either as neutral prototype or including all final material and processing specifications.