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Jeanslabel - too good for pants!

This material is indeed used for producing jeans labels, with good reason.
The characteristics are so unusual, it would be a shame just to use it for labels.

I like the special, leather-like touch of Jeanslabel.
Then there is the resilience of the material, which is nonetheless very flexible. It does not warp, it does not tear.
Jeanslabel can be sewn wonderfully and you could even put it in the washing machine. If you imagine what a pair of jeans goes through in the course of its life, it becomes clear why the material for its label is also very special.

Embossing with foil or blind embossing are both perfect for Jeanslabel.
The durability of the material enables especially intense motifs.
It works great with screen printing as well.
You have the choice of applying all these techniques to the slightly smoother or the rougher side of the material.
For delicate screen printing designs, the smoother side is the better choice. Embossing on the rougher side achieves additional contrast.
Of course Jeanslabel ist predestined for sewing. A Singer Book Stitching for booklets is almost a must. The material can also be embroidered.

We have four colours available:
Black, white, grey and gobi,
a beige like desert sand.
The standard thickness is
0.5 mm. Special productions of 0,3 mm can be made on request.
Standard sheet size is 75 x 100 cm LG

Delivery time:
We do store Jeanslabel with 0,5 mm and deliver within app. three working days.
If the quantity stored is not sufficient, we deliver ex works. Time of delivery on request.


If desired, we can take care of the complete production of your product. Just get in touch!