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Takeo Pachica

TAKEO PACHICA – for translucent embossings

Pachica is one of the most outstanding materials I got to know.

Heat embossed areas look like molten ice with a subtile transparency. Colour printed on the back even shines through.

The converting can be imagined like hot-foil embossing, but without foil.

In its original state Pachica strikes by its warm, sensual grip and flexibility. It almost feels like touching cloth.

Ideal for embossings which become translucent are the weights 151 gsm and 233 gsm.

Pachica with 407 gsm is best used for extremely three-dimensional blind embossings.
Because of the special composition of the material the results are superb.

Takeo Pachica comes from Japan.

We do stock in Germany:

151 and 233 gsm - best choice for translucent effect embossings
407 gsm - best choice for three-dimensional embossings