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Coaster Cardboard

Smooth touch, high volume, light weight and of course good absorbency characterize a coaster cardboard.
This material is suitable not only for the classical use as coaster.
You may also use this board for greeting cards, business cards, booklet covers and a lot more.


We have been testing several different boards and choose this one as the best.

Letterpress and coaster cardboard are an ideal combination. Coloured areas are printed cleanly and evenly.
The softness of the material allows beautiful embossings.
Good results are as well achieved by digital screen printing.

Different designs can be punched out of the board. The edge remains clean.

For small quantities we recommend plotting or digital punching, as you won´t need to consider any costs for a punching tool.


Size: 71,5 x 101,5 cm SB
Weight: only 590 gsm
Thickness: 1,45 mm

Minimum Quantity: 1 sheet

Time of Delivery: app. three working days


Design: Simon-Zander Design, Hamburg in co-operation with Reto Wilhelm (pantarhei pr, Switzerland)
Client: Hotel Paradies, Switzerland