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Colour Matters


Colour Matters - coloured paper and board up to 3 mm in 50 colours

Colour Matters is a fascinating firework of 50 colours, dyed throughout and with ensured colour fastness.
This comprehensive range offers several white and pastel shades, decent and powerful colours.
Very popular are the distinct shades of grey.
Please have a look at the colours below.

10 Weights
This selection is really unique. Colour Matters is available from 100 to 2.100 gsm.
The thickness varies from 0,1 to 3 mm.
Below you can see which colour is disposable in which weight.

Laminating Service - Duplex, Triplex, Multiplex
You are looking for a board with a blue and a white side? Or perhaps you prefer a combination of orange and red?
You want your card with a multicoloured cutting edge for example with layers of black-red-black?
Colour Matters makes it possible. Start your own colour game with a minimum quantity of only 25 sheets!

Matching Envelopes
Colour Matters supplies envelopes in all standard sizes.
The minimum for special makings are 200 pieces, at reasonable prices.

25 Embossings
complete the range of Colour Matters. You can choose between lines, structures, motifs and a smoothed surface.
Please be aware that embossings start with 135 gsm.

100 gsm: 72/102 cm LG, 72/50,8 cm SG
120 gsm: 72/102 cm LG, 72/50,8 cm SG
135 gsm: 52/78 cm LG, 64/48,2 cm SG, 64/97 cm LG
175 gsm: 52/78 cm LG, 64/48,2 cm SG, 64/97 cm LG
270 gsm: 52/78 cm LG, 64/48,2 cm SG, 64/97 cm LG
350 gsm: 52/78 cm LG, 64/48,2 cm SG, 64/97 cm LG
540 gsm: 51/77 cm LG, 63/48 cm SG, 63/96 cm LG

700 gsm: 51/77 cm LG, 63/48 cm SG, 63/96 cm LG
1.400 gsm: 61/94 cm LG
2.100 gsm: 59/92 cm LG

Time of Delivery
Depending on colour, weight and surface from two days upto two weeks

Weights and Colours
100 gsm: Bagdad Brown, Ebony Black, Imperial Blue, Pristine White, White Frost

120 gsm: Azure Blue, Bright Red, Bright White, Candy Pink, Citrine, Claret, Ebony Black, Forest, Imperial Blue, Lavender, Mist, Natural, Pistachio, Pristine White, Racing Green, Sapphire, Smoke, White Frost

135 – 175 – 270 - 350 – 540 – 700 – 1.400 – 2.100 gsm: available in all 50 colours!

Please note that the following overview shall only give an impression of the colours without being binding.
We also provided the Pantone grades closest to the actual colour.

White Frost                    Ice White                        Pristine White                 Bright White                    Natural

China White                    Vellum White
Pt 7499 U                        Pt 7506 U

Cool Grey                        Pale Grey                       Real Grey                       Smoke                           Dark Grey
Pt Cool Grey 1 U              Pt Warm Grey 2 U           Pt 414 U                        Pt Warm Grey 7 U          Pt 405 U

Ebony Black

Mist                               Stone                               Harvest                          Nubuck Brown                 Bagdad Brown
Pt Warm Grey 1 U           Pt 4755 U                         Pt 465 U                        Pt 4635 U                       Pt 4625 U

Bitter Chocolate
Pt 7554 U

Sorbet Yellow                  Factory Yellow                 Citrine                            Mandarin
Pt 607 U                         Pt 102 U                          Pt 109 U                         Pt Orange 021 U

                            Park Green                            

Pistacchio                       Powder Green                 Park Green                      Mid Green                      Emerald
Pt 7485 U                        Pt 621 U                         Pt 7478 U                        Pt 5763 U                      Pt 569 U

Lockwood Green              Forest                             Racing Green
Pt 356 U                          Pt 349 U                          Pt 5535 U

              Azure Blue                                            
Cool Blue                        Azure Blue                       New Blue                        Adriatic                          Turquoise
Pt 538 U                         Pt 643 U                           Pt 7454 U                       Pt 7462 U                       Pt 319 U

                                                         Imperial Blue
Tabriz Blue                     Cobalt                             Royal Blue                      Sapphire                          Imperial Blue
Pt 639 U                         Pt 2965 U                        Pt 2738 U                       Pt 288 U                          Pt 5395 U

Lavender                         Purple                            Amethyst
Pt 2635 U                        Pt 2685 U                       Pt 276 U

Candy Pink                     Fuchsia Pink                    Bright Red                       Vermillion                        Scarlet
Pt 699 U                         Pt 233 U                           app. Pt 2034 U                Pt 186 U                          Pt 7427 U

Pt 7428 U