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Pure Cotton - 100% Cotton

Pure Cotton is a board with sensual, warm and granulous touch. It is made of 100% cotton. 

The right stuff to become hooked - Cocaine, Absinthe, Champagne and Poudre Noir,
these are the available colours.
The three shades of white Cocaine, Absinthe and Champagne are finely graded from high white to cream.
The deep black Poudre Noir is a rarity. Coton papers are traditionally dominated by light colours.

Most pleasantly Pure Coton surprises with an an excellent price-performance ratio.

Pure Cotton can be offset printed easily.
Letterpress is definitely a fascinating feast for the eyes. Delicate details are shown clearly, as you can see above.
Play with embossings, the contrast between smooth and powdery areas adds spice.

I must admit my clear preference for Pure Cotton.
What about you, do you feel intrigued?

More about the material:
Pure Cotton - 100% cotton
Weight 350 gsm
Size 70/100 cm LG
Packaging unit 50 sheet
Delivery time app. one week