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Moondream - Translucent by Stamping

A fascinating and innovative paper. Embossed areas become translucent just by applying slightly higher pressure and a temperature of 140-150°C. Since embossing and debossing are both applicable, Moondream permits impressive three-dimensional structures with elegant and stylish translucent effects. On top of it, Moondream allows offset printing, creasing and foil stamping (previous test of foil recommended).

Available are 140, 240 and 400 gsm. The translucent effect is best with 140 gsm.
Standard size is 72/102 LG.

Minimum quantity is one packaging unit.

  • 140 gsm      100 sheets
  • 240 gsm        50 sheets
  • 400 gsm        50 sheets

Normal delivery time is approximately one week.