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Softy feels like cloth but is printable like paper.

The paper Softy is an invitation to touch. The single-sided unique surface is due to non-woven fibres. At a touch you feel good vibes of comfort and warmth. Feeling soft and beeing strong is no contradiction. Softy is extremely robust and tearproof. Best of all, Softy is easy to print. It also reacts very well to die-cutting, folding and foil embossing.

Whenever you look for a material, gentle to touch but strong, you have found it with Softy. It's specific character makes it ideal for packaging, carrier bags, cards and covers.

The available finishes are:
White: 120, 200, 250, 300 and 380 gsm
Black: 120 and 300 gsm

Handcharming envelopes size DL and 170 x 170 mm complete the range.

Extra note on Softy Black:
If you are using the technique of hot foil, but avoiding the foil, an unusual effect can be achieved.
In fact the areas in contact with the cliché melts the non-woven textile giving a different surface feeling.