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OHTO Words Ceramic Roller Pen

OHTO Words - made in Japan, length app. 14 cm, filler 0,7 mm, black

Writing with this elegant, black pen is a real pleasure. I myself prefer this pen whenever I write by hand.
A very special ceramic tip rolls the ink on paper. The tiny tip is made of hardened clay. Finest irregularities are the reason for a perfect absorption of the water- and lightproof ink.

This OHTO pen is delicate and yet well balanced, suiting small and bigger hands as well.
To extend the pen, the cap can be put on the top.

The pen comes including a black filler.
Fillers can be delivered in black, blue, blue-black and red.

Pen:   € 22,00 incl. GST plus transport
Filler:  €   4,20 incl. GST plus transport