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ALTA Embossing Tool

Embossing whatever you like, when and how many you desire, this is possible with the special ALTA embossing tool. An embossing adds easily value and unique character. Your initials or another motif prettify stationary, envelopes, cards, drawings, reports, plans, books, seals, vouchers and even simple notes.
Once you start you will have numerous new ideas what to embellish.

All you need is the embossing kit, consisting of
- the highly accurate ALTA embossing tool and a wooden base to give a secure hold
- a voucher for your individual embossing matrix

You can choose between a circular version with a diameter of 40 mm or a square version size 50 x 25 mm.
Round about 150 design suggestions stay to your disposal, among them 16 wedding themes.

The price for this high quality tool, the wooden base and your personal voucher with the access code for ordering your selected embossing stamp is € 149,95 including sales tax and free delivery within Germany.

If you feel like a more individual solution you can make your own design.
In this case please order additionaly the 'ALTA Individual' voucher for € 95,00 including sales tax.

If you need more than one embossing stamp the price for every additional with standard design is € 95,00 including sales tax.
For an additional individual embossing matrix you need to purchase two vouchers, each for € 95,00 including sales tax - one for the base and one for the individualization.



If you are in Munich just pass by.
You can check the quality, try out the tool and take your own one at home at once if you want.