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MicroWOOD® Real Wood Veneer

MicroWOOD® Genuine Wood
 - The Charm of Authentic Wood

If anything immediately appeals to your senses in a cosy manner, it must be the naturalness of MicroWOOD®.
This genuine and unusually fine processed wood veneer catches your eye, and your fingers immediately want to touch it.

For years now, SYLVIA LERCH Material & Produktion has been creating beautiful items from this material. With the right know-how, MicroWOOD® can be printed and foil embossed in small, medium and high quantities. In combination with laser cut or engraving technology real little treasures can be produced.

For a mailing worth to remember, envelopes come in the sizes C7 95x70 mm, 125x125 mm, 135x185 mm,
C6 162x114 mm, DL 230x115 mm and C5 162x229 mm.

By the way, it feels good to know that all timber used for MicroWOOD® veneers comes out of well managed forests.

See below for the seven available types of wood, for converting details please consult our Encyclopaedia.

Touch and feel touched by a piece of nature!

MicroWOOD® Maple

is the most lightish wood in stock. 
MicroWOOD® Maple appears cool, enhanced by the quite smooth surface.

MicroWOOD® Beech

is a very light wood with some shades of yellow and red. The surface is quite smooth, on exposure to air MicroWood® Beech darkens towards a yellow and reddish tinge.

MicroWOOD® Cedar

The more reddish timber has a slightly rough surface, gently releasing a sensuous, aromatic fragrance. Tobacco beetles and moths avoid this scent which is why cedar wood for generations is also used to make moth balls and to protect expensive tobaccos.

MicroWOOD® Cherry

is a reddish wood with occasional dark inclusions and fairly smooth surface. 
MicroWOOD® cherry looks friendly
and warm.

MicroWOOD® Mansonia

is a vivid, rather dark timber. Numerous colours can vary from light to dark within one sheet.
 MicroWOOD® Mansonia is very noble looking with foil embossing.

MicroWOOD® Walnut

is a dark and rather rough wood and our most popular pick. Walnut has a vivid wood structure with lots of patterns.

MicroWOOD® Red Gum

is a buoyantly coloured and smoothly structured wood, showing irregular light and dark patterns within one sheet.
Red Gum delights anyone at first sight.